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A team relay is a aquabike triathlon race split between two triathletes. For example, one athlete can do the swim and second one the bike portion.

This type of relay is widespread amongst amateur races. It is a great way to try a triathlon race without doing the two or three disciplines.


Depending on the race, the relay teams might start at the same time as the individual triathletes or have their own separate start. Hence, it is not always straightforward to know who is leading here.

In most races, the swimmer will receive the timing chip during the registration process. Once he completes the swim portion, he will need to pass the chip to his next teammate. This is happening at a specific location in the transition area. 


Team relays are of pretty much every distance. For Ironman events, it is possible to do a 70.3 race as a team, full Ironman and also standard – sprint and olympic aquabike events.

@Sportshotphotography       Photo from the Vienna Triathlon 2022

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