What is the race format for an aquabike triathlon?


Common formats include Olympic distance of 1.5km swim and 40km bike; half-Ironman distance of 1.9km swim and 90km bike ; and Ironman distance of 3.8km swim and 180km bike. Also Sprint distance of an aquabike triathlon or short-course aquabike is recognized in some countries. Find more about aquabike triathlon history. Be well prepared with our free training plan or choose custom. Aquabike triathlon is the best format of triathlon!

World TriathlonITU(International Triathlon Union) recognizes Half and Olympic Triathlon Aquabike events.

“Aquabike is a trimmed down triathlon, offering a competitive multisport solution for non-runners, says triathlete Elise Metcalf.” 220 Triathlon

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